ACM Test Engineer | Integration and Consulting Services

Based in Dresden or Regensburg, Germany and Villach, Austria

Working as an ACM Test Engineer in our Integration and Consulting Services team, you will test and validate the automation capabilities of manufacturing equipment. By ensuring that equipment automation interfaces meet both the customer specification and industry standards, the PEER Group ACM process helps customers to significantly reduce commissioning costs and time to production, and improves quality and reliability of equipment integration in the fab.

What’s the challenge?

Make sure it works

  • Conduct in-depth tests of automation hardware and software features using PEER Group’s DiDaCT test tools at the customers’ fab floor.
  • Prepare equipment specific test criteria and content based on industry standards, customer specifications and supplier information about specific machine operations.
  • Develop generic test plans and automated test scripts.
  • Carefully analyze, document and summarize test results.

Become an expert

  • Acquire domain knowledge about Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standards (SECS), smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 through testing real-life tool operation scenarios.
  • Proactively contribute to the improvement of internal test methodologies and ACM procedures.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to other team members, and channel domain specific insights and knowledge to the product team to support further enhancing our Equipment Automation Framework (EAF).


  • Be part of an interdisciplinary and distributed team that works closely together to deliver superior services.
  • Report test results and deficiencies to the PEER Group supplier manager, customer and equipment supplier.
  • Plan, prepare, and facilitate meetings with equipment suppliers and customers.
  • Work flexible hours or overtime as needed.
What do you need to bring with you?


  • University degree in a technical field (Bachelor of Automation Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or similar) or comparable work experience.


  • High expertise in the area of software systems and software integration testing.
  • Ability to work in a very concentrated manner, especially when studying the content of large and complex specification and industry standards documents.
  • Working knowledge of network protocols and automation interface design patterns and concepts, preferably familiar with SECS or OPC UA.
  • Working experience of strictly following predefined processes especially when generating or changing documents and addressing findings.
  • Proven collaboration and communication skills, and professional customer (or third party representatives) interactions.
  • Fundamental knowledge of software systems involved in manufacturing control and information flow automation.
  • Informed about the concepts of smart manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies and programming skills are a plus.

Extraordinary Problem Solving!

  • Keen troubleshooting skills with strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to appropriately act and decide under time pressure when show stoppers pop up.
  • Exercises strong investigation skills in analyzing software and hardware defects.


  • Excellent communication skills (German and English writing and speaking), with the ability to effectively interact with colleagues, customers or third party representatives, face to face and remotely
  • High commitment to success, ability to multitask within tight deadlines, and a professional demeanor are assumed.

You like the excitement of being part of something new – bringing a new concept to reality. You enjoy the learning, teamwork and the challenge of bringing a highly complex manufacturing environment to life.

You know that most good things happen as a result of a carefully managed plan – thoughtful design, sharing of information, commitment to a clear goal, coordinating and communicating the plan for testing and acceptance – that leads to customer satisfaction.

You’re a problem solver. You have this amazing ability to understand how complicated low-level protocols are supposed to work correctly. You pick up new knowledge and assimilate it into what you already know in a way that gives you an edge. When you have a tricky problem in your head, it doesn’t leave you until it’s solved.

You are able to understand other people’s pain – carefully analyze and judge the identified issues and deficiencies so you can make suggestions about how to make the best progress at solving them. You will have the opportunity to become an expert in PEER Group and automation products. You will grow and develop your knowledge of the semiconductor domain to become the go-to person when our teams are in a bind.

We need your ability to jump on a learning curve, familiarize yourself with the problem space, the industry and the testing tools and get right into customer site work. Come and work in an environment where professionals have a chance to become experts; where you work in a small company environment, but deal in the big leagues. Come to PEER Group.